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The Youth Ministry of the Church of Pentecost comprises all members between the age of 12 and 19. The church strives to live up to our divine responsibility of bringing them up in the fear of God.
The Church of Pentecost recognizes that in these end times our youth are faced with tremendous challenges in their spiritual, social, emotional, moral, and educational lives, on a daily basis. Consequently, the COP engages our youth in diverse programs aimed at providing opportunities that help to equip these young ones for meeting the challenges of the times. Activities around the nation include Bible studies and quizzes, cultural expressions, revival meetings, musical festivals, talent explosions, trips, youth camps, and evangelism.

The COP envisions the expansion of our educational programs to include tutoring, technological seminars, counselling, and library facilities to help prepare our youth towards taking up their place as our responsible successors.
Our Slogan: Youth!! ..... Arise and Shine! Youth!! .......... Remember your Creator now!!!

The vision and the mission of the Youth Ministry:


Youth Career Talk!