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On this page, you will find leaders of the Church of Pentecost right from the Chairman of the church worldwide, U.K Resident Missionary, London Metropolitan Area, Cardiff District Pastor to the local Assemblies.



The General Council

The General Council is the highest policy making body of the Church and the final appellate body in all disciplinary matters affecting members of the General Council for which purpose the Council may appoint an appellate Committee. It is responsible for electing the Chairman, the General Secretary, the International Missions Director and the members of the Executive Council. Where necessary, it has the duty of impeaching members the General Council accused of misconduct, should the Executive Council fail to do so. It again approves reports submitted by the various organs of the Church.

The Executive Council

The Executive Council is headed by the Chairman of the Church and executes policies and decisions of the General Council. While its members are elected by the General Council, the Executive Council is responsible for the callings, transfers, appointments, etc., of ministers and other high level officials of the Church, with the approval of the General Council.

The Area

This is the third administrative rung, following the General Council and the Executive Council. It is headed by an apostle, a prophet, or a senior pastor. He is assisted by a six-member Executive Committee in the day-to-day running of the Area through the Area Presbytery.The Area Presbytery is the co-ordinating and highest policy-making body in the Area to which the Area Executive Committee shall be responsible. It is chaired by the Area Head and comprises the Area Executive Committee members, all Area Movement leaders, their assistants and Chairmen of Area Committees, all District Executive Committee members, two Deacons’ representatives from each District/Worship Centre, three Deaconesses’ representatives from each District, all other serving ministers in the Area and all ministers’ wives in the Area.

The District

This is a further division of the Area which is headed by a pastor or overseer. The district pastor/overseer administers the district with the assistance of a six- A member District Executive Committee. The highest decision-making body is the district presbytery. The District Presbytery, which is the highest policy-making body in the District decides on all matters affecting the growth, development and welfare of the Local congregations. It also receives and approves reports submitted by the various organs of the Church in the District. It consists of the minister, his wife, Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses in the District.

The Local Congregation

This is a further division of the district and forms the base of the five-tier administrative structure of the Church. The local congregation is headed by a presiding elder who acts for the district pastor and sees to the implementation of decisions taken by the district pastor, with the aid of all the elders, deacons, deaconesses, committee and movement leaders in the congregation.
This well-co-ordinated chain of command ensures, both vertical and horizontal flow of information in the Church, thereby making implementation of policies and feedback very vital ingredients of effective administration.